Young Leaders

Young Leaders are part of our leadership group. They help out and support Hydra and Lynx and are usually made up of mixture of Orion members and new members.

Young Leaders get to develop leadership skills as well as getting a taste of what it's like to take on more responsiblity within the SCAU community. 

They'll have ample opportunity to help out with planning and running events. They can also use this as part of their Duke of Edinburgh award or to gain more experience working with children. 


Age range: 

Young Leaders are aged 15-18 years old. Younger ages usually help out at Hydra whilst Young Leaders ages 16-17 help out at Lynx. However this is down to preference and we'll always give them the option. 



As a Young Leader, you'll be creating and planning many of the activities we do. It's important to remember that you are a supporting leader and will be treated as such. To find out more about some of the different things we're up to please visit our Calender & Events page!