Ursa are our connect leaders. They have equal responsibilities to adult leaders and help out at all our units. 

Ursa members start to develop, help build and improve the SCAU mainframe. They'll also start honing vital skills in leadership and planning as well as getting support in ventures outside of SCAU.

Ursa have their own executive committee that plan social nights and have a say on SCAU's executive board. 


Age range: 

Ursa are aged 18-25 years old. To keep the ratio of leaders to members in line with our safeguarding policies, Ursa members will be given a unit they will help out at. But again, we'll always take their opinion into account when setting them up with a unit. As with all our groups, the most important thing is to have fun, even if you are a leader.

Many of our Ursa members are attending university and we totally understand that they can't make all the meetings and camps. So we ask they try their best to come to as many as they can and to also keep us updated on how they're doing. 



Ursa members are at a very exciting and scary time in life. Many members are heading to university or beginning new jobs. We understand that there can be a lot of pressure so thats why Ursa usually have their own casual meet ups and camps to keep things fun. To find out more about some of the different things we're up to please visit our Calender & Events page!