Orion was one of the first groups set up within SCAU. They meet every week for two hours. 

In Orion we begin to build on confidence and getting members to become more independent through the activities we provide. 

They'll get the opportunity to become young leaders. This is the section of our leadership team that works with Hydra and Lynx. This again, is building on developing independence and leadership qualities. To find out more please visit our Young Leaders section. 

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Age range: 

Orion members are aged between 14-18 years old. We know that this is a very important time in their lives and we'll always try to accommodate members who would like to stay in friendship groups moving up from Lynx. Again, we're always welcoming to new members depending on availability



Members in Orion will begin developing leadership skills in the activities and camps they go on. We encourage them to work with our younger units when possible and help out our leadership team on camps and events. We also know that having fun is still important and we'll make sure this is kept at the forefront of everything we do. To find out more about some of the different things we're up to please visit our Calender & Events page!