Lynx is one of our biggest units in the SCAU family and meet up for an hour and a half each week. Their activities are built around challenging and developing key skills for the future. 

As with all our groups we offer fantastic activities and camps. In Lynx we always try and get the kids to be even more adventurous and to see how far they can go in activities.


They'll get to take home some of the most amazing memories and experiences which they'll never forget. We still remember ours!! 

Age range: 

Lynx members are aged 10-14 years old. We know not all members move up from Hydra, so we make sure that no one is left out. All our members are always excited to make new friends and have new adventures.



Our ethos in Lynx is to develop on some of the new skills they've learnt and to challenge them. We offer an array of engaging and awesome activities and camps that let them explore and develop their own individual thinking. To find out more about some of the different things we're up to please visit our Calender & Events page!  

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